John Greaves

composer, singer, songwriter,
piano-player, bass-guitarist


  John and Georges at Supersonic
  Piacenza: New Release

 Live broadcast Radio France (podcast)
 Live broadcast Radio France (video)

Verlaine Gisant press reviews
 June 2016
June 17th, with Tim Hodgkinson, Yumi Hara & Geraldine Swayne.
London. Iklectic.
June 18th, with Sophia Domancich.
Le Triton. Paris. les Lilas.
 September 2016
September 10th, with Vincent Courtois and Sophia Domancich.
La Fête de l’Humanité. Paris.
 October 2016
October 22nd, with Vincent Courtois.
RAMI Festival, Orléans.
 November 2016
November 5th, with Vincent Courtois & Mark Nauseef.
Sarajevo Jazz Festival.